Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How Priceless Friends Are

A friend is the very first person to come to you when the whole world shuts you out. Anonymous

Friends are anyone you would trust with you wallet, even if it is empty, your wife even if she’s not that pretty, and in some cases your life even if it isn’t what you thought it was. Friends are people whom we trust, that understand us, encourage us, console us when we are down. Sometimes, their just being near contains the harsh feelings that weigh heavy on our hearts and in our minds.

Friends are the ones who help us get through the rough times in life even when it means compromising and changing plans that they might’ve already made.

In February of 2005 my father lost his best friend/wife of 48 years to a stroke . It was a very sudden and untimely event that left him feeling absolutely baffled and extremely lonely.

Being the oldest of three sons he has, I too felt the same grief's he was experiencing except I relied on Gods word to strengthen me and guide me more through the feelings of despair that come along with the loss of loved ones. I knew the pain he was carrying, yet being in my own selfish grieving mode, I could not find a way other than moving away to deal with the whole ordeal.

Recently, a whole year and a half  later, I realized how bad it hurt him to loose his best friend and decided to try and reunite with him and rekindle our closeness. I feel I have made progress with this, but now he has lung cancer and his hopelessness is truly overwhelming. I now live with him and I am here for him, no matter what the cost is. I am trying to be his friend more so than his son, because I really feel that he needs a friend now, more than ever before. My faith is strong and my character is just as strong, but seeing him the way he is now is so hard and trying to stay close is just as hard.

I am committed to myself that I will remain friends through the last days of his life no matter what the costs be and I would gladly take his place right now just to see him feel better and be relieved of any suffering. We are and will always be friends as it should be.

God knows our pain and knowing is half the battle.

It wasn’t always this way, but now it is!



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