Saturday, June 21, 2008

In search of self purpose

As I study my place in this world, I come to the realization that all I am, can be accounted for by the acknowledgement of one God in Spirit and in Truth. By understanding this fact, I am able to grow spiritually to know my Creator (God)better than I could ever imagine possible.
It is with a great curiosity that I am guided to try and understand this relationship that I have been given with the majestic and most divine Creator of all things.
Someday, my hope is to serve my God in ways that are satisfying to Him and completely acceptable to His kingdom. Until He is ready for me to come to His side, I must earnestly try to practice a form of living that is accepted by Him.
I must live my life according to a way that is pleasing to Him, the Father and do my best to understand His love for me.
Can anyone out there say they feel this way too? I believe that there are many people who want to know what their place is in this world and how they can be accepted by a Wonderful God.
I believe that it is possible to know Him and His will for us by confession, repenting of sin and acceptance that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Father. By asking for forgiveness of what makes us unworthy of Gods grace and inviting the Holy comforter in our hearts, we are stepping out in faith for spiritual hope. We also are asking for a better understanding of what God is expecting of us. This, to me is finding true peace and joy that last. Would you agree?
It is with joy in my heart that I share my thoughts about how a person can be closer to the God of all people and things.
To Him be all glory and honor now and in the future!

This post is written in memory of my mom: Manuella Devoy (Sanchez) Wartenbe , Pinkey


DartBoardTrader said...

Thats pretty heavy dude! Sounds like your yearning to be closer to God and his ever lasting life.

Anonymous said...
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