Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In Everything is God

The first part of this message is taken from 1 Kings Chapter 8

King Solomon lifted his hands to heaven and speaking to God,he gave reverence and praise for the mightiness and omnipresence of the Almighty Father.

Yahweh, God of Israel is everywhere!

The point that today's first reading wishes to drive home to us is
that God is all around us. Solomon, although highly pleased about the temple, realized that it could not contain God nor limit him to one place. God is everywhere in the work of His creation.

Jesus in the  gospel according to Mark Chapter 7 vs.1-13,declares all things clean, for all things come from God and bear his creative presence. All things are sacred.
Even simple bread and ordinary wine are not unworthy to be the signs of divinity. God is present not only in the Book of Scripture but so  in the book that men and women write. God is present not only in his people but in all His creatures. Even when we are not inside a church, we walk on sacred ground, we breathe holy air, and we touch and use holy things.

God is not limited; so we should not limit our vision of God only to things that are sacred. As Christians, it is our duty to open our eyes in faith to see the goodness and love of God all around us.

God is not only in us who believe, but He is all around us also!

Upon everything give glory to God.

author unknown

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